Lovely Wallet But Why Purple

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Nice wallet but why’s it purple?

A man’s wallet is one of the most important accessories in his wardrobe. A strong image statement is created when your wallet fits your look or social situation. Getting the right wallet to go with your “get up” involves choosing the style, design and pattern carefully. Today’s market place whether it be a shopping mall or online store offers an endless selection of brands and styles from low end budget to the prices that look more suited to cars!

So the question is how do you choose?

The overall look or effect of a wallet is largely a result of the material it’s made from. These range from the artificial such as vinyl and nylon to the natural cotton or leather wallets. Personal taste plays a big role but the steadfast leather wallet still wins over for most guys with simple classic colors like back or brown being the most commonly purchased.

If you ask most people which brands of wallet are the “best” you’ll probably hear a long list of designer labels in reply. Although as a rule of thumb a designer name will get you a better quality wallet it also comes at a price. There are a lot of less well known brands out there and smaller artisan companies which produce some top notch goods at a fraction of the price with an eye for detail and uniqueness that some of the bigger brands can’t offer.

Having to produce large quantities of one product that all look the same actually holds big designers back when it comes to manufacture. Although their product is likely to have gone through some strict quality control, you can spend a little time doing some QC of your own when shopping for a new wallet. Check the material the wallet is made from is it strong and free from cracks or fraying edges? Look closely at the stitching, is it even and tidy?

If you don’t rush your purchase you’ll likely end up happier with your final choice and save some money in the process.

What do you keep in a wallet? You’ll want to think about its functionality before you make a rush decision based on color or style. How many credit cards do you have? Some wallets have extra sections for cards that are center or top hinged. Do you keep coins in your wallet? If so you’ll be wanting a coin pouch wallet with either a zip or popper fastening. However these usually cut down on the space for credit cards.

Then there is the shape of a wallet to consider. Most are a standard rectangular shape but they can also be long, short and even square.

How and where you carry your wallet is another factor in making your final choice. If you carry your wallet in a back pocket or a suit breast pocket you should be looking at slim bi-folding wallets.

Although the price may play a large part in which wallet you go remember that a very cheap wallet may not last very long and may be a false economy in the long run. With that said you also don’t need to break the bank with a top end designer wallet. If you pay attention to detail you should be able to pick up a high quality wallet that’s both functional and durable at the right price.

Finally you need to weigh up which is the color for you. You may well find a wallet that ticks all the boxes when it comes to fit, finish and function but what about the color? Can you use it at work or will coworkers look at you strangely when it’s your turn to pay for lunch? Will your palls think it’s classy or crass?

After all the last think you want to hear is “nice wallet but why’s it purple?”

Whatever you settle on take your time and don’t regret your final decision.