The Shark Information Guide

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There are many fascinating creatures that live in the sea or ocean. From jellyfish and lobsters to whales and dolphins, sea life offers a whole new world that we generally do not see. While all of sea life provides an interesting story to us, one of the most interesting and misunderstood creatures is the shark.

When most people think of sharks we think of the eating machine that is portrayed in the movie “Jaws”. That shark terrorized a seaside community by attacking swimmers and boaters. While the movie was created for shock effect, it ended up giving all sharks a bad reputation. The Great White depicted in the movie is one of the many different types of sharks that exist. While some are dangerous, others can be rather tame.

To help learn more about the world and life of the shark, we have put together the following information and resources. Please take the time to look this over and become more familiar with sharks. We hope this provides you with a new outlook and respect for these amazing creatures.