Protect Your Wallet – Credit Card Safety Advice

Stingray wallet

One of the fastest growing crimes around the world is fraud. Fraud takes many different shapes and forms, but the bottom line is that the end result is a loss by the consumer. Fraud, especially involving credit cards can take place in many different ways. However, in order to avoid being one of the many millions of people that are victims every year, the key is knowing how to protect yourself.

Credit card fraud can happen any time and any place. The first way criminals can perpetrate fraud is by physically taking your card. This could happen as a theft from your wallet, someone picking up your card when you leave it down and many other methods. To make sure this does not happen, the best way would be to always keep your credit card in your possession or in your sight. By keeping the card in your view it will be difficult for criminals to gain possession.

However, this is not the only ways that credit union fraud can occur. There are many different manners in which criminals can access your credit card number. One of the most popular ways with criminals is through online credit card fraud. There are a number of fraudulent websites and emails that are found to send unsuspecting consumers to spoof websites which sole purpose is to obtain credit card information. Once criminals get this information – trouble follows!

Criminals can use the information gained from fraudulent means to create new cards that can be used or sold by criminals. Also, depending on the information obtained they could use it to steal a consumers identity and use it for purchases and loans. Identity theft is a common criminal offense from fraud and getting out from under the problems can take months and even years for consumers.

The best defense against credit card fraud is awareness. By being alert to where your card is at all time and by not being taken in by fraudulent websites and emails, you have a very good chance of avoiding being a victim. To help all consumers learn more about the dangers of credit card fraud and how to prevent being victimized, please review the following information and resources. And – stay safe!