Currency and Money Guide for Kids

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Currency and Money Guide for Kids

At a young age, kids learn a very valuable lesson that will carry them through the rest of their lives – if you want things, you need money! Whether it be gum from a machine in a store, new clothes at your nearby mall or the latest video game, they have one thing in common – they cost money. At an early age parents start teaching kids that in order to get something, regardless of the size, you need to have money. These early lessons help children learn about the value of money and help prepare them for the future.

Along with learning about the importance of money, it is also important to know more about currency and money. These lessons include how to properly count money, how money is made, and even learn about the earliest types of currency from around the world. Along with basic information such as that, children also should learn about how to spend money wisely, how to earn money, how to save money and also learn basic budgeting concepts. These lessons will serve people well from childhood through adulthood.

The following information contains many resources on the topics listed above. These are sites that can be useful for parents, teachers and others to help teach children about basic concepts in money and currency, both here and around the world. We hope this information plays an important role in teaching children about money. Feel free to visit us often, and tell other about this page.

History of Money

  • The History of Money – Informative article from PBS providing a look at the origins of the usage of items as currency and going through the changes over time.
  • FRB History of Money – Useful page from the Federal Reserve Bank outlining the history of money.
  • The History of Money – Information on the various types of money and currency used from ancient to modern times.
  • Brief History of Money – Article providing a brief historical look at the changes in money.
  • History of US Paper Currency – Helpful timeline of the major changes in paper money in the United States.

Printing Money

  • Printing Money – Article which discusses different parts and facts about printing money.
  • Currency History – Informative page from the U.S. Treasury which outlines the history of currency in the country.
  • Fun Facts About Money – Kid friendly page which contains facts and information about print money.

Counting Money

  • Learn to Count Money – Educational page which discusses money, its value and how to count it.
  • Counting Money – Helpful collection of plans and activities to help teach children how to count money.
  • Money Worksheets – Resourceful page which lists a collection of worksheets that can be used to teach money concepts.
  • Online Games – Useful page containing a number of games and activities that can be used online to learn about counting money.
  • Math Games – Web site which contains different money counting games at various levels.

Spending Money

  • Kids and Money – Information and resources from CNN/Money for parents who want to teach children about money.
  • Kids on Spending – Helpful page which contains games and activities to help kids learn how to be wise shoppers with their money.
  • Smart Spending – Informative page which helps children understand about what they are spending money and how they can make wise choices.

Earning Money

  • Money for Kids – Interesting site which contains information for kids on a number of topics including how to earn money.
  • Ways for Kids to Make Money – Page which provides information for kids on how to make money in a variety of ways.
  • Money for Teens – Informative page with a number of resources providing money ideas for teenagers.
  • How Kids Can Earn Money – Article providing a number of suggestions and ideas on how kids can earn money easily.

Saving Money

  • Save Money for Children – U.S. News article which lists five smart ways for parents to save money for children.
  • Mad Money – Interactive game which helps kids learn about money and how to save it for their use.
  • Saving Calculator – Helpful calculator which can be used by kids to learn how much they would need to save in order to purchase a certain item.
  • Budget Worksheets – Collection of useful worksheets which parents and kids can use to learn basic budgeting concepts.

Money Resources

  • Money Resources for Teachers – Very informative collection of resources for teachers which can assist in teaching money and financial concepts to children.
  • Kid Money Resources – Links and resources for children to help learn about money and finances.
  • Resources for Kids – Basic information and links to teach money ideas to kids.
  • Money for Kids – Web site with information and links for kids about money.
  • Money Games – Helpful web page which has a number of fun and educational games teaching money skills.