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Crocodile Leather Wallet Black with Red Ostrich

This was my second purchase. The quality is exceptional. Very pleased with RealMensWallets

Kham / (verified owner)

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Real Mens Wallets Buyer Reviews

Average rating: 4.98 based on 162 reviews

Mens Wallet Ostrich Skin Wallet

I have a brown iteration for more than 8 yrs now and still look like new even if I forget it at least two times in my pants and wash it.

Croc Wallet Crocodile Skin Brown with Tan Goat Skin Interior
(verified owner)

I love my wallet. It is exactly as advertised. I want to order one for my nephews and Brother in laws.

wallet stingray black n red
(verified owner)

This wallet is my 3rd purchase from RMW. Quality is good and the craftsmanship is excellent. I will recommend this shop to my friends.

Genuine Crocodile Wallet Croc Skin Brown n White
(verified owner)

Another awesome wallet from Xavier here which appears just as pictured, cannot ask for more than that. As a repeat/return customer I have been satisfied more than once now.

Mens Designer Wallet Shark Croc Wallet Black n Orange Lizard
(verified owner)

This is the second wallet I get, it really look like a designer piece with Croc + shark exterior and lizard interrior.

Tough Wallet Genuine Crocodile Wallets Black n Orange Ostrich

Unbelievably well made . Superb appearance and unmistakable quality feel . Thanks to Xavier for a great service .. all my friends are very envious ..

Genuine Croc Skin Wallets Tan with Brown Ostrich
(verified owner)

Best wallet you’re going to find on the internet. Very high quality exotic leather and made very well. If you’re wanting something special for a wallet, look no further as you found it.

Crocodile Wallets On Sale Brown and Tan Croc Head Wallet
(verified owner)

Receive this wallet. It really looks elegant with the mix of crocodile and interior Ostrich, I am really happy that I have bought it.

Crocodile Wallets Best Mens Wallet Black
(verified owner)

It's about 6 months that I have this awesome wallet and I love having it!

Crocodile Wallet Croc Wallets Brown with Tan Ostrich
(verified owner)

Received my wallet today. I was really excited to get it and it did not disappoint! What a beautiful crafted wallet. I hope it holds up over the years for now it gets a 10/10 product!!

Mens Alligator Leather Wallet

The tan leather looks amazing with the ostrich skin. Coolest wallet you’re going to find on the internet. Very high quality exotic leather and made very well. Awesome company. If you’re wanting something special for a wallet, look no further as you found it. Highly recommended

Alligator Skin Wallet On Sale Brown n Natural White

The black leather and ostrich skin look amazing. Coolest wallet you’re going to find on the internet. Very high quality exotic leather and made very well. Awesome company. If you’re wanting something special for a wallet, look no further as you found it.

Crocodile Leather Wallet Mens Classic Wallet Black

Never seen so many awesome men wallets

Croc Wallets Cool Wallets For Men Deep Blue

Coolest wallet you’re going to find on the internet. Very high quality exotic leather and made very well. Awesome company. If you’re wanting something special for a wallet, look no further as you found it.

Croc Wallet On Sale Tan with Malt Ostrich Skin Interior

The tan leather looks amazing. Coolest wallet you’re going to find on the internet. Very high quality exotic leather and made very well. Awesome company. If you’re wanting something special for a wallet, look no further as you found it. Highly recommend.

Black Shark Wallet
(verified owner)

Got this wallet much faster than expected. Came by airmail in padded envelope. Didn't open it as it's a gift for a friend so he can join the "real men", but I've got the same and they're of excellent manufacture and nearly indestructible.
Excellent wallets, excellent service. Get one if you can!

Croc Wallet Tough Leather Wallets Blue n Yellow
(verified owner)

First off, I never give reviews. For anything. But this wallet made me stop and write this. You will be super stoked if you purchase one of these crocodile wallets. They are perfectly stitched and the quality of the skins is amazing. My wallet only took 6 business days to reach CA. I'm eyeing the burnt orange ostrich as I type this.

Custom Leather Wallets Shark Wallet Signature Series
(verified owner)

Love my shark stingray blue wallet! Thanks

genuine ostrich wallet red n black
(verified owner)

Love the quality and the finishing of the wallet. The colours are stunning and the pictures don’t lie.

Alligator Skin Wallets On Sale Black with Orange Ostrich

Yup, it’s awesome. And good quality too. This is the second wallet I’ve bought from this company and I’m very happy with both, honesty.

Crocodile Leather Wallet Black with Red Ostrich

This was my second purchase. The quality is exceptional. Very pleased with Realmenswalltets

Croc Wallets On Sale Black and Yellow Lizard Interior
(verified owner)

The shipping was very fast only 4 days the quality was really good worth paying

Designer Mens Wallets Genuine Croc Skin Wallet Black and Green Ostrich

My brother got me this wallet for my birthday. It is the best wallet I've ever had. I absolutely love it.

mens stingray wallet
(verified owner)

I just recieved my stingray skin wallet. This is excellent quality for the price. It took a little long to ship to US.

Mens Crocodile Wallets Tan Croc Head Wallet
(verified owner)

Just received this fantastic wallet after a long wait. The postal service was delayed on this order and the communication with the team at RMW was great. The craftsmanship and uniqueness of this wallet are A+ Thanks for a great product and great communication to get me quite one of the best wallets I have owned.

wallet sharkskin black red
(verified owner)

So I've had this wallet for over 2 years now, and it still looks just as good as the day I got it. Stitching is still completely intact. Shark and ostrich is still in great condition, no tears or really any serious visible wear. Very impressed with the quality and durability.

Ostrich Skin Wallet Tan n Brown Ostrich
(verified owner)

This is my second wallet now from RMW and I am still impressed with the quality, this wallet is equally impressive inside and out. It’s perfect for British bank notes and a perfect travelling wallet with adequate card slots. I have just ordered my third wallet, which I’m sure will be as spectacular

Ostrich Wallets Mens Luxury Ostrich Wallet Tan
(verified owner)

Another great wallet from Real Mens Wallets. This beauty is the crowing jewel of the ostrich collection. Very soft and supple Ostrich leather. Great service and fast delivery as usual. Highly recommended. Thanks again Xavier!!

green ostrich leather wallet for men
(verified owner)

Just received my Green Ostrich Leather wallet and I am very impressed with the feel, look, and quality. Super fast and excellent service as usual from Real Men's wallets. I have other wallets from Real Men's wallets,, Croc, Shark, Stingray. My first Ostrich and definitely NOT my last. Thanks Xavier and Real Men's wallets! Best wallets on the internet and beyond.

diamond stingray wallets for men
(verified owner)

This review is for a "Genuine Exotic Stingray Wallet for Men Classic Diamond " Pattern Hand Made Billfold. Shipping only took 12 days, I think that's excellent since I live 6300 miles away and it came hand delivered with signature required for delivery. The Wallet is Beautiful!! I've had it for about 5 days and everyone at my company/friends/family loves it. This Classic Billfold Sparkles in the Light and is very impressive at my country club. I'm now looking to get a snake wallet.

Crocodile Wallet Luxury Mens Wallets Black with Orange Ostrich

Another purchase another winner. This croc wallet looks great in the picture but many times better in hand. Got a great price and superb customer service. The great thing is every purchase is unique and you can't order a duplicate. One of a kind and loving it. Thanks again Xavier and RMW for being the best!

ostrich skin wallet

I was given this wallet 3 years ago and it’s held up very well! Will be buying my next one very soon!

Ostrich Leather Wallet Black and Red
(verified owner)

Gorgeous craftsmanship. The leather progressively gets softer over time, yet retains its natural strength. Unbelievable value and incomparable beauty. The black exterior and the dark red interior match beautifully.

Crocodile Skin Wallets For Men Malt Brown

First person I handed it to asked "Will it Bite?"

Crocodile Skin Wallets For Men Malt Brown

My grandson gave me one as a gift & it is so cool.. Love It!! So Proud to show it off

Mens Ostrich Wallet Black n Blue
(verified owner)

This is by far the finest wallet I've ever had. Absolute quality. Beautiful workmanship. Looks even better in person. Slim not bulky. Perfect.

Genuine Crocodile Wallets Natural White

This is such a great classy wallet at such a great value, very handsome, well made, great deep blue color, Super quick delivery and notifications. Definitely would recommend this company!

Stingray Wallet Choc Cream

I first purchased one for my husband and he didn’t like it then kept it for myself and now is my wallet! This is my second purchase because now he wants it!

crocodile leather wallets black green interior

This wallet is very different from others on this site. The materials are alot more flexible than shark or stingray and because of this the wallet has a very thin profile because of it. I love the ostrich quill interior, it's very supple and the crocodile has a very interesting texture.

Custom shark stingray wallet for men

I have owned this wallet for a year. I must say it seemed like the stingray was delicate at first and would be easy to scratch, but in all this time it has held up perfectly and still looks great. although i will say the eagle ray material will absorb dyes if you arent careful leading to a mild grey or brown patina. altogether very durable and clean looking.

Crocodile Wallets Croc & Shark Mens Wallet
(verified owner)

I just received my wallet. The shipping was very fast to Hawaii,6days. This wallet looks very nice, it has a classy look to it. The shark skin is more like a light maroon color.I think it the crocodile strip would look even better with a simi gloss finish. But overall this wallet is great.

Mens Crocodile Leather Wallet

Just received the new wallet and it is totally awesome. It arrived sooner then I thought and its more better looking in person then on the web-site. Trust me you will not regret buying one.

Tough Shark Skin Mens Wallet

Great tough looking wallet! My girlfriend got this for me for Christmas and I love it. It looks really nice and it feels durable, perfect for someone who plans on having it for a long time. It's lightweight and we'll crafted, if you're looking for a new wallet, look no further.

Custom Leather Wallets Croc and Shark Wallet

I love having this wallet on me. The mix of croc and sharkskin works well. It looks and feels special.

Funky Wallets Two Tone Ostrich Wallet Red
(verified owner)

Very nice Wallet! Great quality and classy looking. Love the contrasting brown exterior and tan interior,unique skin patterns inside and out! Exotic skin wallets for Real Men! Very Cool!

Scott, Fargo,ND

Custom Stingray Shark Leather Wallet
(verified owner)

Hello, I was the Chicago copper that brought this "thin blue line" suggestion to the folks at Real Mens Wallets. First, I'd like to say I am EXTREMELY happy with the quality workmanship and attention to detail of this wallet. The color combo looks GREAT, and is a real tribute piece to law enforcement. The seams are perfectly straight and the sharkskin feels soft to the touch and at the same time, tough and durable.

When I brought this to Xavier as a custom piece, he did the research and was very enthusiastic about finding the right stingray leather and bringing this idea to fruition. He did say it would take some time to get the stingray leather he wanted for this custom wallet, but he got it and I can tell you that the wait was definitely worth it.

I am very impressed with this company. Great communication and top notch quality. I can honestly say that I will never buy another wallet from a chain store again. After seeing what they were able to do with this wallet, I am hooked. I've already had several people comment on how interesting and cool the wallet is and I've only had it for a handful of days. I would suggest everyone browse around this site, there is a wallet for just about everybody...and if you can't find something you like, contact these guys and I'm positive they will come up with something to suit your taste.


snake leather wallet

I bought the snake and stingray wallet for my husband two years ago. My order arrived promptly and the product quality exceeded my expectations. After two years of regular use the wallet is in excellent shape and I expect it to remain as such for years to come.

Snake Leather Mens Wallets
(verified owner)

Received the wallet & it is really of good quality, you can feel the gloss of the sea snake, Gorgeous & beautiful, would recommend people to buy from you. Especially when things online cannot be trust worthy you stand out true to your word.

mens shark skin wallet
(verified owner)

exelent product , i am very happy with this item

Snakeskin Wallets Tan

Love it. this wallet is well made and strong. The skin looks alive. very happy with purchase. I will be looking to buy more as gifts.

Sting Ray Wallet Eagle Ray Wallet

I purchased this Eagle Ray wallet several years ago. It is my everyday wallet and although I carry it every day it is still in perfect condition. Ray skin is entirely armored on the outside with dermal denticles "tiny skin teeth". This makes the outside of the wallet very hard and durable and yet it's totally pliable. As such it really doesn't look like this wallet will ever wear out. Another factor that doesn't show up in the photos is the beautiful reflective properties of ray skin, it's almost like it's covered in tiny gem stones. This is an exceptional wallet by any standards and I'd give it ten stars if that were an option. Service was great, my wallet arrived in a timely fashion and I couldn't be happier.

best leather wallets
(verified owner)

Very beautiful wallet, great quality that you can't find anywhere else, amazing customer service!!!! AND REAL LEATHER!

exotic wallets
(verified owner)

Nice wallet, feels nice. It's real leather as well. Just to bad that there isn't any place to put coins. Despite that i really like it.

Crocodile Mens Wallet Genuine Crocodile Brown Croc Interior
(verified owner)

Compliments to Real Mens Wallets for an outstanding service and product. I like how I get notified when my wallet arrives via email; it was a nice touch. The wallet is supple, and it gets people interested when they see mine.

Stingray Wallet Genuine Stingray Skin Purple

I have had this wallet for over a year now and it still looks like new.

Crocodile Wallet Handmade Leather Wallets Black n Red Ostrich Quill


Shark Skin Wallet Mens Shark Wallet

One word: WOW! This wallet was stunning with durable texture. This was my 1st time shopping at Real Mens Wallets, which made me skeptical in the beginning. However, after receiving the wallet, I'll definitely continue being a customer here for any future gifts. I bought this wallet for my boyfriend for our anniversary and he absolutely loved it! Although shipping took a long time, I received the wallet just in time. I emailed the company and they were very quick to help me throughout the process and help me track my order. They responded within the hour, which made this process much easier for me. This is a great company with great wallets!!

Leather Wallets for Men Croc Shark Skin

I was looking for a unique wallet and found this website. With so many incredible choices, it took me over a month to narrow down my choice to this wallet. When the wallet arrived it far exceeded my expectations. It is very well crafted, absolutely beautiful, and looked exactly like the picture. I have only had the wallet for a week, and quite a few people have complemented me on the wallet.

funky wallets for men

Thanks so much for re-packing this for me, the gift box was very cool. Brother loves this wallet, now I need to pick one for myself :D

Thanks again

mens snakeskin wallet

Very happy with the wallet and even more impressed with your help.

Thanks for helping me select this one. I'll be back for my sons birthday for sure!

Ellen. W.

funky mens stingray wallets green snake

I love this wallet...

I've already had so many people asking me about it.
I'll be getting myself one of your croc wallets next, so cool guys, really.

goth wallet sharkskin

Arrived in time for my BF's birthday and he loves it! Thanks for the help, your service is outstanding and so are your wallets.


full quill ostrich wallet malt

Stunning Ostrich Wallet.
Looks good, Feels good, Folds good, This is a beautiful wallet, I'm more than happy with it, would definitely buy again, either for myself or as a gift. Delivery was quick, and emails were answered fast, Many Thanks.

White Alligator Wallet Natural Bone Wallet

I love my wallet. Best wallet I have ever owned. VERY well made. Shipping was quick .... Awesome Wallet

grunge wallet sharkskin brown

I just received my shark leather wallet yesterday and I am absolutely delighted with it. It's gorgeous, it feels great and as a bonus it has that distinctive new leather smell.
My last wallet was a shark skin wallet and it lasted 20 years, but this new wallet is of higher quality and I look forward to it serving me for many, many years into the future.
Thanks again!

Green Crocodile Skin Wallet On Sale Green Croc Interior

wanted to drop you a line on feedback from my purchase,, very satisfied.. great product and service!! I will be making further purchases with a great experience like this! Bill. Hampstead N.H. USA

Stingray Leather Wallet Blue

Hi, Just wanted to let you know the wallet which was a gift, is a huge hit! Thank you, I will order again. Can say without hesitation that I am very happy with the whole deal!!!! Thank you, so much. Erin

Shark Skin Wallet Brown

Thank you for all the help you've provided. The wallet arrived last Friday and my husband is thrilled with the look and quality. I really appreciate you staying with me through this whole thing.

Many thanks,


Black Cherry Croc Skin Wallet

I am delighted with your service and your product. I received my order two days earlier than expected. I opened the box and the wallet was just as beautiful as the picture. I will place future orders with your company and will tell my family and friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Houston, TX

Green Alligator Wallet

A huge thank you for my wallet , it arrived yesterday and it's perfect . Nice to see a company that actually are first class .

Many thanks
Sarah-Jayne Botham