Strange Animal Facts #9

crocodile wallets

Stuff  You Never Knew About The Crocodile

  • Crocs are often seen on the river bank with jaws wide open, this is how they cool down, crocodiles sweat through their mouths! Maybe that’s why they have such bad breath?
  • Only 1% of crocodile offspring survive their first year, the others are eaten by predators, including adult crocs.
  • With the help of that immense tail, crocs can skim up to 40 kilometres per hour.
  • Some species of crocodiles including the Cuban, African dwarf and the New Guinea crocodile can gallop like a horse! Hi ho silver.
  • The female croc helps her young to hatch by gently cracking the eggs in her mouth.
  • Generally, crocodiles are bigger and more aggressive than their cousin the alligator.
  • In some tribal communities, crocodile skin is seen as a symbol of high status.