Strange Animal Facts #4

stingray wallet

Stuff  You Never Knew About The Stingray

  • Stingray venom is actually only mildly toxic and causes muscle cramps. It is very painful but not usually life-threatening unless a vital organ is hit, as was the case with Steve Irwin.
  • Barbs from stingray tails have been used for weapons in the past including spearheads and arrowheads. Whips were once made from the tails of big stingrays in some parts of Africa! Ouch…
  • In ancient Greece, dentists used stingray venom as a form of anesthetic.
  • A stingray spends the majority of its life buried in the sand.
  • Fossils of stingrays appear to be exactly the same as specimens living now, indicating that they haven’t evolved.