Strange Animal Facts #3

ostrich wallet

 Stuff  You Never Knew About The Ostrich

  • Its biological name is “Struthio Camelus” a word from the ancient Greek meaning camel sparrow. Something to do with its long neck, maybe the ancient greeks had never seen a giraffe? If they had surely they would have given it a different name.
  • Ostrich is a member of the ratite family, which means “flightless bird”. It’s largest bird in the world and has been around for over 120 million years.
  • Ostrich reach 10 feet tall, weigh as much as 300lbs and are faster than any other bird on the planet with speeds up to 45 miles an hour, on the ground that is.
  • He also has a bit of an attitude and can cover 10-16 feet in one single step….so don’t do anything to piss him off!