Strange Animal Facts #13

Ostrich Wallet

Stuff  Your Never Knew About The Ostrich

  • A herd (about 12) of ostriches has one dominant male and one dominant female. She will only mate with him but he mates with other females as well.
  • An ostrich can live to the age of 30 or 40 in the wild.
  • If you fancy an ostrich egg for breakfast you’ll have to wait about 40 minutes if you want it hard boiled.
  • Male birds give out a loud booming call to declare their territory. They also snort and whistle.
  • With the best feed-to-weight ratio of any land farm animal on the planet and producing an extremely strong leather. One has to wonder why there aren’t more ostrich farms. (Oh and they make great wallets too)
  • In ancient Egypt they were sometimes ridden or used to pull chariots, this practice died out probably due to the fact that these birds have a nasty temper and didn’t appreciate being sat on.