Strange Animal Facts #11

snake wallet

Stuff  You Never Knew About The Snakes

  • Snake joke…One snake says to the other “Are we the kind of snake that squeezes it’s prey to death or the type that has a deadly venomous bite?” The other snake says “Why do you ask?” He replies “Because I just bit my lip”
  • Speedy snakes… The Black Mamba is the fastest snake on land. This massive African snake can get up to about 12 miles per hour, they pack a deadly bite too.
  • Hollow points… A snakes fangs are hollow allowing it to inject venom to kill its victim. And they don’t need to administer a lot, the venom of a cobra is strong enough to kill an elephant.
  • The smallest snake in the world is the rare thread snake. It’s so tiny that if you removed the lead from a pencil it would be able to wriggle into the hole left behind! The biggest snake however is called “Fluffy” and was verified by the Guinness Book of Records as being 24 feet long and weighing over 300 pounds. Fluffy is a reticulated python living in Colombus Zoo, Ohio.