Strange Animal Facts #1

croc wallet

Stuff  You Never Knew About The Crocodile

  • Crocs don’t actually use their webbed feet for swimming, they tuck them into their side and swim with that mighty tail. They do however use them to make sudden directional changes.
  • A highly accomplished predator, several croc species have been observed attacking and killing humans and even sharks.
  • A croc looks like a dinosaur because they hail from deep prehistory. Crocodiles have been roaming this planet over 200 million years.
  • Croc “scales” have pores that are thought to be sensory and used to determine vibrations and movements in the water, not dissimilar to the lateral line on fish.
  • Many of the bigger species of crocodile swallow stones which can act as ballast and help break up food … similar to the way birds use “grit”.



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