Strange Animal Facts #2

Stingray Wallet

 Stuff  You Never Knew About The Stingray From the family of cartilaginous fishes which includes sharks, stingrays have electrical sensors called ampullae of Lorenzini, used to sense electrical charges given off by potential victims. When courting a female, the male will chase her, and continually bite her pectoral disc. Rays have been known to keep […]

Strange Animal Facts #1

croc wallet

Stuff  You Never Knew About The Crocodile Crocs don’t actually use their webbed feet for swimming, they tuck them into their side and swim with that mighty tail. They do however use them to make sudden directional changes. A highly accomplished predator, several croc species have been observed attacking and killing humans and even sharks. A […]

Protect Your Money & Identity While Traveling and Abroad

Mens Leather Wallet

Whether you roam domestically or internationally, travel can be an exciting and invigorating experience. As you explore new areas, it’s important to remain vigilant about safety. Crime is a potential risk with any type of travel. Because you are out of your natural environment, you can be especially vulnerable to theft and other types of […]