Stingray Wallet Stingray Wallets. The Classic Sting Ray Wallet

The stingray wallet is popular in Russia, Asia and Europe. A classic sting ray wallet has some amazing properties. More than twice as strong as cow leather, stingray wallets are also resistant to fire, water and punctures.

Prized for its texture and stunning pattern, stingray leather once adorned the hilts, scabbards and handles of samurai swords. Its unique texture means that it can be sanded and polished to varying degrees to produce some of the most sublime finishes for a stingray wallet.

Our Real Mens Wallet stingray range includes polished glassy shagreen wallets from the French word “chargin”, sanded stingray wallet with a smooth pebbly texture and the ever popular diamond stingray leather wallets.

We are particularly proud of our pearl row wallet range made from Eagle ray skin.  Easily identified by the continuous row of pearls running through the center. The appearance of this pearl row is made by sanding down the central row of spines in the ray’s back.

You may come across a poor cousin of this stingray leather wallet made from the narrow, cheaper tail section of an Eagle ray glued between pieces of common stingray skin. We personally select all our leathers and are constantly updating our collection. Some describe these as sleek, slick and sexy; we just call them damn cool!


By Xavier Ganz