SnakeSkin Wallet Lizard Wallets & Snake Skin Wallets

Snakeskin wallet? Lizard wallet? Congratulations!!! You’ve just found these  funky mens wallets! A snake skin wallet or lizard wallets are some of the funkiest exotic wallets in the world!

Sit back, relax and take in the wonder of these unique wallets. Don’t hurry as your eyes are drawn to the beautiful patterns and amazing colors we have selected. No we’re not trying to hypnotize.

Snake Skin, with such striking patterns, make for stunning snakeskin wallets that are sure to make you stand out from the pack. Or, if you fancy yourself as a lounge lizard, then a lizard wallet with a spattering of mottled spots and rings is the go. Soft and supple, lizard skin is cool to the touch and feels sleek in your hand or pocket.

Always in demand, these sleek numbers are a naturally stain resistant, low maintenance exotic wallet that’ll always turn heads. Get noticed next time you need to pay the bill!


By Xavier Ganz