Crocodile Wallets Croc Wallets For Real Men

Croc wallets or an alligator wallet have long been held in high regard with many different styles to suit all tastes and occasions. The unique and distinctive patterns of crocodile skin and alligator skin allow us to create a collection of crocodile wallets from the tough and rugged horn back croc wallet, to the luxurious classic crocodile leather wallet made from belly skin.

So whether you’re networking at the next black tie event James Bond style, or braving the extreme adventures of the outback alongside Crocodile Dundee, a crocodile wallet has got you covered.

Be sure you’re getting the “real deal”, wallets of crocodile leather are superior to caiman or alligator wallets, which are so often sold as a genuine crocodile skin wallet by many competitors at inflated prices. What we use is 100% genuine crocodile leather, we guarantee it!

Crocodile wallets are in a class of their own, always in fashion and sure to turn heads. We are proud of our croc leather wallet range and personally select all the skins and design our crocodile leather wallets to bring you superb quality at great prices. We are king of the croc wallet crocodile is what we do best, but don’t take our word for it, check around…. We know you’ll be back!


Crocodile Wallet 100% Genuine Crocodile Leather … No Bull!

By Xavier Ganz